Car Cleaning

Read our five steps for maintaining your car’s exterior

Driving your is just that little bit more enjoyable when its clean and nice and shiny and the chances are that when your car looks good, you feel good. With a little elbow grease and some basic maintenance you can keep your cars paint looking like new. There also the added financial benefits. The practice of cleaning and maintaining your cars appearance regularly will only help maintain or improve its residual value come trade in time.

Car Wash

1. Wash your car regularly

Keeping your car clean will help to maintain the paints colour and luster. The longer you leave dirt and debris on your cars bodywork the less vibrant the paintwork becomes over time. So make sure you get all the dirt, dust, bird droppings etc completely removed.

If you wash your car yourself rather than running it through an automated wash, there's also the added satisfaction of standing back and admiring your work and congratulating yourself on a job well done.

Car Wash

2. Only use cleaning products designed for cars

Try and avoid using household cleaning products. These products can sometimes be quite abrasive and contain chemicals that may cause damage or deteriorate the paintwork over time.

As well as choosing the right cleaning products its also very important to use the right types of cloths, sponges, brushes etc for scrubbing away the stubborn stuff. Microfiber cloths are always a good call for both washing and drying your pride and joy. They are relatively inexpensive and re-usable.

Don't forget to dry you car when finished washing. There is nothing worse than seeing those water spots on the bodywork if its allowed to dry on its own. These spots can often contain mineral deposits depending on the harshness of the water and these tend to stain when exposed to the sun.

Car Cleaning

3. Cleaning between washes

So, how many times have you just finished washing, drying and applying a solid coat of wax to your car and the heavens open? or even a day or two later and some spiteful pigeon decides to use your cars roof as a toilet. Or, you go out for a drive on some pleasant country roads only to return back with the entire local population of bugs massacred across your bonnet.

It might seem like a bit of chore but "spot cleaning" is important. All of the above along with road tar, pollen etc become harder to remove over time and all the while have a negative impact on your cars paint.

Car Cleaning

4.Wax your car regularly

Your car comes with a clear coat or lacquer to protect it from the elements. That protective layer over time just isn't a match for rain, snow and sun. All of which will make its way through that layer over the months and years.

Using a good quality wax and applying it at least four times a year will provide another layer of defense against the Irish weather and will help ensure your paintwork stays in top condition. As well as making your car nice and shiny the was will help protect against the salty Irish roads in winter.

Car Cleaning

5. Car Valet

So you love your car. You take great pride in getting hands on and you're regular wash on and wax off type. You're no stranger to a hoover.

We would always recommend a goof valet at least one per year. A professional valet service will make sure that every nook and cranny inside and outside of your car is extensively cleaned.

Some professional valet services can offer things like paint correction and light scratch removal as well ensuring a glass like shine from the paintwork.

The sooner you start regularly car cleaning, the sooner you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new vehicle.