Your Car finance options

Don’t fret about understanding finance. All you need to know is that we have dedicated Business Specialists in-store who will discuss suitable packages with you, based on your individual circumstances. And if you’ve already got a quote we reckon we’ll beat it, or match it at least.

Car Finance Questions Answered

Q: Can Carstore offer car finance?
A: Yes. We can offer car finance through several finance sources. Most of our customers' finance decisions are available in 20 minutes or less.

Q: This is my first car. Can I finance with Carstore ?
A: Our finance sources accommodate most credit profiles, and every Carstore customer will enjoy the same no-haggle pricing and exceptional customer service.

Q: I don't have a great credit rating. Can I still get finance with Carstore ?
A: Our finance specialists are here to work for you and and we try a variety of lenders.

Q: Can I use a co-buyer?
A: Yes. You can add a co-buyer to your pre-qualification application or finance application.

Q: I am financing somewhere other than Carstore. What do I need to provide Carstore?
A: If you already have financing through your bank or credit union you will need to provide a check or other proof of financing. We’ll help you with that process.